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Since 1999 Calibrus Call Center Services has been providing customized and professional call center solutions around the clock. We provide extensive training to all of our professional and courteous receptionists to deliver the the highest level of customer service to your clients and prospects. Working with Calibrus – you’ll benefit from:

  • The fastest pickup times in the industry
  • Highly competitive & scalable call center pricing
  • Free online tools and reporting
  • Dynamic account analytics
  • Customized solutions that fit your needs

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As a nationally recognized callcenter serving small businesses to large corporations in a wide variety of industries such as legal services, telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, real estate, and energy – what sets us apart is our long standing experience in understanding your business and delivering a cost effective solution to fit your needs. Our service offering includes:

  • Answering services
  • Third party verification (TPV)
  • Telesales & telemarketing
  • Outbound call center services
  • Customer service and support
  • Appointment setting services
  • Technical support (level 1 and 2)

Let us personally customize a solution that can help your company grow, operate more efficiently, and provide the flexibility that you need.

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Call Center Solutions- Streamline Your Operations

Contact Center- Call Center Solutions

Contact Center is a service that includes call center solutions for any business to serve customers and to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. Good contact center services have become a must-have for all businesses, today.

Call center solutions

Development of Call Center Solutions

Information technology and media are the bases of call center solutions. Information media efficiently utilizes call centers and contact center business based on information technology to reduce operational costs and increase revenues. Call center services use various information mediums, such as: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), chat facilities, and social media.


Industries such as finance, trade, services, retail are more keen on using call center solutions because they change the large capital expenditure into operational expenditure (operating expenditure).  Today, many companies have to implement contact center solutions to improve customer services and make a name for themselves in the business.

What is being handled at the Call Center Solution?

1. Inbound Calls

Interactive Voice Response and Automatic Call Distribution are those two examples of what is known as inbound call. Inbound calls deal with customer’s information inquiries. These calls are also used to administer incoming product support.

2. Outbound Calls

On the other hand, outbound calls are quite different from inbound calls. Instead of dealing with the customers and receiving their complaint or inquiries related to the product, the call centers representatives are the ones making the calls for the purpose telemarketing, solicitation of charitable or political donation, or market research.

3. Contact Center or Call Center Solutions Services:

Contact centers provide additional assistance with the help of other communication mediums. They handle calls, emails, faxes and SMS.

In summary, Call Center Solutions have become imperative for all business to ensure they are running the company in a highly efficient and cost effective manner which greatly contributes to a company’s growth and survival. They are not only essential for streamlining your operation, they ensure customer service and product feedback, among various other things.


To help improve and streamline your operations by partnering with an established and professional call center services company, call Calibrus Call Center Services at 866-596-2326 to learn more and get a customized solution designed to fit your specific needs.


Telemarketing Call Center- Your Secret Weapon

Figuring Out Your Telemarketing Call Center Strategy

Telemarketing call center(s) have fast become the new marketing tool for every business. There are many who do not support this form of marketing, due to how inconvenient marketing a product on the phone can be, but most people unanimously agree to the effectiveness of telemarketing. While most businesses today are using telemarketing, their exact strategy may differ from other companies using similar services.

Working With A Telemarketing Call Center

If you are planning to employing telemarketing as a means to promote your business, you need to carry out a survey in order to assess the strategic needs of your business. Follow these simple steps:

  • Research the behavior of your consumer
  • Study the importance of telemarketing
  • Identify your target population, while also assessing the needs of your consumer
  • Analyze your data to identify the most efficient marketing techniques

Mapping the Network -Telemarketing Call Center

One of the biggest drawbacks that telemarketing faced in the beginning of its industry was the waste of resources on marketing to consumers that did not want to buy the product! As mentioned earlier, there are people who do not like telemarketing. This is because they are not interested in the product or service being offered, which means that the firm is wasting its resources marketing to the wrong crowd! Therefore, its important for businesses to find their target population before they venture into using a Telemarketing Call Center.

Another problem of a telemarketing call center is how the service will be executed. For example, companies have to decide the right time to market their products. For example, nobody would want to buy a sleeping pill in the early hours of the morning, similarly calling a consumer during their dinner time would be met with little interest in buying your product either!

Telemarketing Call Center

In summary, while there are many upsides to telemarketing, it is essential that any business does its homework before venturing into its territory. It can be determined that telemarketing call center are an innovative new technique, which can be used to advertise products and services, while also boosting customer satisfaction. However, this marketing technique should be coupled with the necessary research to get the optimal benefits from its usage.

If you’re interested in having a customized telemarketing solution designed for your company’s needs, or just have questions, contact Calibrus Call Center Services today at 866-596-2326 or contact us here:

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Call Centres- Why Your Company Needs One

Promoting Your Business With A Call Centre

A great new way to promote your business is to rely on call centres. Today, many companies are working hand-in-hand with call centers, which are not only a tool to promote and advertise the business, but also to boost customer satisfaction via customer service support

Call Centres

While the use of call centres as a means to market a product is an older method, it is still an efficient marketing tool. However, today call centers are more widely known for their customer service rather than as a marketing strategy. It allows for customers to get in contact with the business whenever they wish, have their queries answered and even find out about the future of any new products!

The Convenience for Customers- Call Centres

Companies today stress on the importance of customer service and public relations, and therefore are more willing to allocate resources to ensure customer satisfaction. Since, the customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, call centers have become important things that cannot be ignored. Call centers are essential to ensure customer satisfaction, while also monitoring the changes in consumers and their taste. Call centres are also important to collect feedback in order to improve the business.

Interactive Communications- Call Centres

Call centres are responsible for various aspects of customer service. Their duties include the following

  • They need to answer customer queries, therefore they should be fully aware of all the products and services offered by the company.
  • They need to fully prepared to help customer setup the product.
  • Call Center representatives should be trained to manage aggressive customers, who may have had a bad experience,
  • They should collect feedback.
  • They should be helpful and assist customers in whatever way they can.

In summary, calls from consumers is one way to improve the quality of the products and services offered by a company. Call centers play a pivotal role in improving the customer care and boosting customer satisfaction. In today’s rapid-fire world call centers are essential for all businesses.

To learn more about working with professional call centres – contact Calibrus Call Center Service at 866-596-2326 (toll-free).


Marketing Call Center- The Facts

Marketing Call Center – The Desire To Excel

In today’s competitive corporate world, the use of a marketing call center has become indispensable to every successful business. It is an essential tool to improve customer satisfaction and customer relationship management (CRM). Extensive research into various marketing techniques have found marketing call center strategies that don’t only improve customer satisfaction, but also boost revenues. Marketing Call center is now being used as customer contact center to further enhance customer satisfaction, thereby supporting and growing and steady customer base, as well as helps create new successful business opportunities.

Marketing Call center

During its evolution, marketing call center has become a part of an integrated marketing communication strategy. The development of technology has led to many new mediums of communications. Thanks to various forms of electronic medias, marketing call centers are not only used for mass marketing but also for micro-marketing, allowing for an effective means of marketing that incorporates various techniques and serves multiple purposes.

The Strategy Behind Marketing Call Centers

Marketing Call Center

Like every business, marketing call centers need a custom strategy to be efficient and successful;

  • The existence of competition characterized by consumer demand for services is increasing, necessitating the development process of service that can meet and exceed consumer expectations. It should be a very important part in the strategy of the marketing call center, as well as the sustainable development process.
  • In the era of multimedia and information technology that is rapidly developing today, call center activities should be aligned with these developments including supported by allocation, expertise, and human resources responsibilities.

Building Marketing Call Centers

There are three main aspects to consider when a company aims to build a marketing call center:

  • The System
  • The People
  • The Business

The call center system that is applied should be kept simple and should be developed keeping the diversity of needs and desires of customers in mind.

People of call center are the customer service representatives (CSR) who communicate directly with customers. Strong interpersonal and communication skills of the CSR is crucial. Therefore, the company or business is required to employ the CSR  team that is skilled at their jobs.

We are living in the era of technology and therefore, it is essential that every business embraces it as a part of their business. A businesses’ success is heavily reliant on its use of technology to promote its interests. Today, a marketing call center is a must-have for all companies.

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